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Essential Oil Deodorant: Get Rid of Body Odor Naturally

Get rid of an unpleasant odor that makes you feel embarrassed and parts you from your loved ones. Essential oils are your best amigo as they act as deodorant and work well with your health. Now, smelly armpits will not make you self-conscious. You wouldn’t avoid social gatherings due to bad body odor. You wouldn’t be ashamed of sweaty armpits and worried about how you might be smelling around people at work.

Understood, smelling bad can leave a significant impact on our confidence and wellness. Several commercial deodorants and antiperspirants are available in the market. People have been using them in abundance too. But those who recognize the importance of natural fragrances wouldn’t even try them anymore. Simply because commercial perfumes and deodorants contain fragrances, parabens, phthalates, and antibacterial preservatives. All these elements can harm your health in the long term. In fact, the current research claims that accustomed perfumes can cause breast cancer too.

You can make your own perfume instead. There are multiple essential oil options you can choose from and that do not entail toxic chemicals. Natural alternatives do not have any side effects, also they don’t inhibit the body’s natural purification process.

Plus, it will be so much fun to try your hand at DIY body scent.

Given below is the list of the top 10 essential oils that you can go for while crafting a homemade scent. Read on.


Many people recommend this oil as a key ingredient in the process because it has an uplifting and refreshing aroma. Moreover, because it is highly acidic and effective in shoving off stinky odor, you can use it for making underarm deodorant.

Tea Tree

Besides a fresh and clean essence, tea tree essential oil has natural cleansing and astringent properties. It is a perfect remedy for stopping smelly armpits naturally. It supports armpit detoxing and reducing unpleasant body odor.


Its robust citrusy smell makes it the best choice for body odor. It has a quite refreshing fragrance and many powerful disinfectant properties that are also suitable for skin issues.


Lavender is primarily a soothing oil that keeps the mind in check and calm. Not only that, but it also calms your skin down and rid you of stinky underarms. Unlike many commercial and chemical-based deodorants, it helps soothe itchy and dry skin and supports even sensitive skin.


Its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties make it a good choice for oozing positivity and reducing inflammation. Many people even use it to soothe sore muscles. Also, its aroma helps you smell amazing and fresh throughout the day.


The parsley essential oil is the best-known natural alternative for body odor prevention. Due to the presence of chlorophyll in this oil, it helps neutralize your natural body smell.


Often used while cooking, rosemary essential oil offers health and wellness benefits. One of them is stinky armpits. This oil is the best natural home remedy for reducing smelly body odor and tissue inflammation.


Earthy, fruity, and floral are the aromas that sage permeates in its surrounding. With a hint of nuttiness, it makes a perfect ingredient for essential oil perfumes. It can reduce the amount of sweat due to its astringent properties and help tone and tighten your skin.


Ylang-Ylang has been used for centuries and still enjoys the luxurious privilege among those who understand its value. It is also effective in skin irritations, razor burn, and underarm lightening. Its fruity, floral, and rich essence will leave you to smell flowery.


Geranium’s light yet floral and fresh fragrance makes it a good choice for bad body odor. Furthermore, you can even leverage its other healing benefits like relief from skin irritation and wounds.

You can use a blend of any of these essential oils to make homemade deodorants. If not sure where to get them, try Young Living essential oils. It is offering world-class natural oils with purity assurance.