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Top 3 Secrets to Get More Views On Instagram Reels

The feature of Instagram reels was introduced in August 2020. The main agenda behind introducing the reel feature on Instagram was mainly to compete against Tiktok, a massive video-sharing platform. Now that TikTok has faced a complete ban in India, the main focus of those creating reels has come towards Instagram and hence you will get to know about how to get more views on Instagram reels here.

Today, a large number of people are actively making use of the reel feature and hence it has witnessed strong success.

The main reason why people prefer to create Instagram reels is that it not just gives them an organic boost to the page but also helps in gaining more likes on Instagram reels.

Now, we will be disclosing some lesser-known tips to gain more views on Instagram reels. Keep scrolling to read.

Top 3 Ways To Get More Views On Instagram Reels

1. Consistency Is The KING!

Well, the main factor about gaining more likes on Instagram is to be consistent about your posting. This eventually means, if you increase the number of postings, you will successfully gain more likes and ultimately more views on your Instagram reels.

As Instagram reels is still a new feature for many users, they usually love to watch it as it keeps them engaged. Moreover, the more reels you post on your Instagram feed, the more you will have the chance to get your content noticed by people. Also, if you are finding it difficult to upload the reels more consistently, you can even get them scheduled using any software such as Instagram scheduler, etc.


2. Drop An Interesting Caption

Captions on reels are the most underrated thing in today’s time. If you have a highly engaging caption, it would boost up the chances to hook up the viewer more on your reels. But the main thing which you must keep in mind is to stick on the content in the reel and prepare a caption accordingly. This will bring more viewers your way and there are chances that your content might be saved in their activity list too. For instance, you can add a caption like “flower and cake delivery in Chennai” under a photo uploaded on Instagram.

3. Follow The Hashtag Theory

Everyone likes to attract organic traffic to their site. Hashtags are one main way which can help you to grab more viewers and that too the relevant ones.

Well, if you are a beginner and looking to grab more followers, then you must conduct a high search on the hashtag theory. Finding hashtags that are the most relevant to your content would be the ideal approach. Why? Because it filters out the correct audience and showcases your content to the apt audience. This way you can increase likes on Instagram reels.

Wrapping Up!

So, as we are at the end of this blog, we believe that you must have gained some proper knowledge about how you can get more views as well as likes on your Instagram reels.

We hope to serve you with more interesting content in the future!