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What Can You Do for Your Siblings Well-Being

“Health is Wealth” goes the popular saying. Everyone is well-versed with this saying but only a few people religiously follow it. Junk food, hard drinks, intoxicating substances, hustling, and bustling are potential allurers that refrain us from leading a healthy life. No matter how many resolutions we take, a plate of gravy momos sweeps the table, and it gets really hard to contain the resistance. Every night you tell yourself you will sleep early; you will not binge watch but there comes a notification on Instagram, and you are already an hour late to sleep. Temptations are hard to withstand and all of us easily give up to cravings, temptations, peer pressure that puts our health at risk. Seeing your loved ones at dis-ease physically and mentally surely breaks your heart. Moreover, being the elder sibling and having faced a lot, you want to make sure your younger siblings do not have to go through the same.

This is what you can do for your sibling’s well-being.

  • Awareness and Education: Awareness is important and the first step in the journey of being healthy. With the increasing number of viruses, bacteria, and resulting in novel diseases; it’s important that you educate your siblings about it. Educate siblings about the body, the harmful effects of certain diseases, the symptoms, the precautions, etc. For instance, take the COVID-19 virus. Your sibling must be hearing news, googling about it, and gathering information from all kinds of sources. It’s better that you educate him/her rightly with the right facts and figures, so one can take better care of the self. Make them understand the difference between rumors and correct information.
  • Encouragement: Walking on the path of health and well-being is indeed challenging. One needs the motivation to take the first step towards being healthy, and then the right direction to continue on the path chosen. If you want your sibling to have a healthy routine, encourage him/her to enroll in a yoga class, gym, or any fitness center. It would be good if you get yourself and your sibling enrolled in the same class or fitness studio. Every morning, you can wake up your sibling for a morning walk.
  • Gifts: To ensure that your siblings eat healthy and good, make sure you give them access to such food items and edibles. Rakhi is coming and in return for the rakhi, you always give your sister chocolates. This year, make a healthy choice. Gift her a basket of healthy snacks and protein chocolate bars, a subscription of the cult-fit, a fresh menu, or a recipe book of healthy alternatives. Browse for such gift ideas to melt your sister’s heart on rakhi with your thought, care, and love for her.
  • Mental Health Care and Support: Health is not limited to physical only. It extends beyond mental, emotional, and social. It’s crucial that your siblings enjoy salubrious mental and emotional health. For that, make sure they get a happy environment at home and where they study, educate them about the importance of mental health. Be supportive of them. If you feel they are going through anxiety attacks, stress; extend assistance and medical help.

In your daily dealings with your siblings, while choosing rakhi gifts for sister and brother, and through many other ways, you can ensure your sibling’s well-being. Take into consideration the above-mentioned steps.